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Do you find yourself straining your eyes to see clearly? Or maybe you have a discomforting pain that doesn’t go away. If your sight isn’t as sharp and you have blurred vision, it could signify an eye disorder. A few signs you may be afflicted with include:

  • Dryness and redness.
  • Spots in your field of view.
  • Halos around lights at night.
  • Weaker nighttime vision.
  • Increased sensitivity to light. 

But there’s no need to feel worried when you have a team of expert eye doctors ready to help you get the clear vision you deserve. At Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski O.D. & Associates, we are your trusted optometrists in Bourbonnais, IL, ready to heal your eyes. Since 2010 we have provided services for astigmatism, 2-in-1 eye exams, contact lenses & glasses, red eye treatment, allergic eye treatment, Lasik, and quality eye health. Getting better eye vision is easy as 1-2-3; click the link below to contact or call us. We are happy to help you get that sharp vision you need.

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Specialized Eye Care Services Tailored For You

At Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski O.D. & Associates, we understand the significance of your eye care needs. That’s why our team is dedicated to offering customized services designed to meet those requirements. Our cutting-edge facilities are equipped with modern technology and knowledgeable staff members, enabling us to provide exceptional optometric solutions tailored for you. You deserve only the best for your eyes; we are here to make them healthy again. 

Trusted Eye Exams & Glasses

At Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski O.D. & Associates, you can experience the most stylish vision solutions around – we’re what one could call “eyeconic”! We offer contact lenses and a selection of frames that will fit your fashion. Style is never sacrificed for clarity when it comes to us; get ready to look good and see clearly!

Dry And Red Eye Treatment

Don’t be alarmed if you experience red, bloodshot eyes – it’s a frequent issue and generally nothing to worry about. But due to the diverse causes of this condition, we must identify what may have caused your eye affliction.

Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye, is one of the many causes of red eyes. Allergies, dryness, and inflammation can also contribute to this bloodshot look. Prolonged exposure to bright light or certain medications could be other culprits for your reddened gaze- so if you’re unsure what’s causing it, don’t fret! At Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski O.D. & Associates, we are specialists with the knowledge to treat red or dry eye professionally and precisely. 

Patient needs the best dry eye treatment.
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Astigmatism Treatment 

Astigmatism is like having a warped, fun-house mirror that gives you an amusing and distorted view of the world! Although it’s one of the most common refractive errors, astigmatism can cause blurry or hazy vision across all distances, double vision, eye strain, and more. We can treat this condition with special glasses or contact lenses to adjust cornea shape. So don’t worry – get those corrective lenses for clear sight with no distortion!  

Allergic Eye Treatment 

If you suffer from itchy, red eyes due to allergies, don’t let your situation overtake and control your life. You can take steps to ensure a speedy recovery, creating an effective treatment plan combined with specialized care. Don’t stand for dealing with these annoying symptoms any longer; take action today!

Get your vision back on track by scheduling a consultation with us at Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. & Associates. We will create the perfect treatment plan for you, our years of experience gives us the knowledge to treat all kinds of eye illnesses. With our expert guidance, you’ll be able to regain clear sight again in no time!

Get A Lasik Procedure For Clearer Vision 

Wave goodbye to eyeglasses and say hello to a newfound clarity with Lasik Surgery! It’s one of the most sought-after vision correction surgeries available today for people suffering from mild or moderate nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Get ready to experience life in high definition: it’s time to move toward Lasik surgery now!

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Are you ready to get the best vision possible? Contact us at Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski & Associates for healthier eyes. Since 2010 we have provided dedicated services for our patients in Bourbonnais, IL. You will get top-notch service with our trained eye doctors. Get sharper vision today with 3 easy steps. Contact us through our website, fill out a form, or call us, and we will provide all the necessary information so you can make an informed decision. Don’t wait until you have blurred vision. Get in touch today.