Eye Doctor in Frankfort, IL.

Many people do not like wearing glasses or are afraid of undertaking minor surgeries to fix eye problems. This is why many people avoid scheduling an appointment with an eye doctor in Frankfort, IL.

Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski, an optometrist in Frankfort, IL., at Nicholas Rutkowski O.D. and Associates, understands that patients suffering from blurred or double vision, dry eye, eye pain, light sensitivity, etc., need a professional eye doctor in Frankfort, IL., to take care of their vision.

Nicholas Rutkowski O.D. and Associates offers services such as eye exams and for conditions such as dry eye.


Dry Eye Specialized Treatment.

The Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D., and Associates team examines your symptoms and performs a complete eye exam to diagnose dry eye. Checking your eyelids, blink dynamics, a slit-lamp corneal exam, and evaluating your tear amount and quality are all part of this process.

To establish the core cause of your dry eye, the team analyzes your lifestyle and surroundings as part of your diagnosis.

Treatments include the 20-20-20 rule, wearing eyeglasses, prescribed eye drops like Restasis.


2-In-1 Eye Exam.

Eye tests at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates are full-service eye examinations that examine your vision and eye health.

During your visits to Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D., you will have your eyes examined. The team assesses your visual system in a variety of methods.

The Jaeger eye chart tests near vision, while the Snellen eye chart checks your distance vision. The team utilizes a phoropter to evaluate your vision using various lenses if you have myopia or hyperopia.

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