Dr. Rutkowski’s Top 5 Tips For New Contact Lens Users.

Even though wearing eyeglasses is one of the ways to correct vision problems, it is still not the preferred way of treatment for many people. Reasons might involve aesthetic preference or the inconvenience that wearing eyeglasses may cause. Still, there is another way to get a 20/20 vision! For those times you have to walk your way down the runway, or rather walk your dog down the streets to get your crush to look at you right into your eyes, contact lenses are the perfect trick. Keep reading if you are a newbie to the contact lenses world.  

The Top 5 For Newbies.

  • Wear Contact Lenses Compatible With Your Makeup.

Whether you wear contact lenses or not, wearing makeup around your eyes can cause discomfort and infection. When it is about wearing makeup and contact lenses, use these tips to avoid unfortunate circumstances:
  • To avoid makeup particles getting into your eye, keep your eye closed throughout the application.
  • Replace your eye makeup at least once every three months to prevent germs from growing and spreading.
  • If you’re going to use cream around your eyes, go with a water-based recipe rather than an oil-based one.
  • Applying eyeliner or makeup on the inner rims of your eyelids is not a good idea.
  •  Never Use a Contact Lens Solution Substitute.

Even if you run out of the solution for contact lenses, avoid rinsing your lenses with water and never wet or wipe them with saliva. When you rinse or rewet your contacts with something other than the approved contact lens solution, you risk introducing dangerous microorganisms into your eye, which can lead to a severe infection. Choose to follow your eye doctor’s instructions in Bourbonnais, IL., when prescribing the right contact lens solution for your eye’s sake.  
  • Learn How to Tell Whether Your Contact Lens Is Inside Out.

Place the lens on your index fingertip and examine it closely. Like the rim of a teacup, the lens’ edge should be facing upwards. The lens is inside out if the border flares outward like a blossoming flower.
  • If Your Contact Lenses Feel Uncomfortable, It Is Because They Don’t Fit You.

Contact lenses are intended to be comfy, so if you’re having trouble wearing them, there’s a problem. Remove your contacts with clean fingers and rinse them inside and out with the solution or rewetting drops directed by your eye doctor in Bourbonnais, IL. It’s possible dust got caught between the lens and your eye, creating discomfort. You can remove the irritation caused by the dust by flushing the lenses with a contact lens solution.
  • Hygiene.

Before handling your contact lenses, always wash and dry your hands completely; moreover, when washing your hands, avoid scented soaps and the use of cream afterward as it would make your hands stick to the lenses afterward. Dry your hands with a lint-free towel after washing them.

Your Eyes Need to Look For the Best!

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