Your Eye Exam for a 20/20 Vision Today in Bourbonnais


Many eye doctors don’t use the latest technology to evaluate your eyes, and they only check for your vision. This means that you could have an undiagnosed condition that could lead to future problems with your sight.

Our comprehensive eye exam in Bourbonnais made by our eye doctor in Bourbonnais, IL, at Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates is different. We make sure you get checked for both your vision and eye health issues.




Comprehensive Eye Exam in Bourbonnais


The eye exam is one of the most important things you do for your eyes. But how many times have you been to an optometrist and felt like they were trying to sell you glasses? It can be hard to trust that they’re giving you an honest evaluation.

We offer a 100% comprehensive eye exam in Bourbonnais using the most advanced technology available today. With this type of eye exam in Bourbonnais, you can be confident that any potential problems will be detected early on before it’s too late. 

You’ll also enjoy sharper vision after each visit, thanks to our professional evaluations from our specialists who know how to achieve optimal results with their expertise in optometry care.


Eye Doctor in Bourbonnais, IL, Using the Latest Technology


Nicholas Rutkowski, OD, and Associates take a different approach because vision care should be more than selling glasses or contacts. It’s also about keeping your eyes healthy.

 We use the latest technology, Advance Retinal Imaging, so our patients get 100% comprehensive exams with precise results from a team of experienced professionals committed to providing quality eye care on time.


Eye Exams With a Twist


Our 2 in 1 eye exam in Bourbonnais examines both your vision and your eye health, providing us with a comprehensive picture of any concerns that may be influencing your vision.

 We have a simple goal: To provide excellent service while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in eyecare!

 At Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates, we want to ensure that our patients have the best possible vision and eye health. That’s why we offer a 2 in 1 eye exam that examines both your vision and your eye health using the latest technology.

It provides us with a comprehensive picture of any concerns influencing your sight to prescribe treatment accordingly.


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    If you haven’t had an appointment recently or if it’s been a while since you’ve seen your eye doctor in Bourbonnais, IL, visit us today for an examination!