Get A Customized Astigmatism Diagnosis & Treatment In Bourbonnais, IL

Astigmatism is a condition that afflicts millions of people worldwide who do not know it or have not been diagnosed with it. It’s essential for people looking to care for their vision to get tested if they feel any sign of eyesight problems. Astigmatism treatment early on is key in managing this condition. Visit us at Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates for a customized diagnosis.



What Is Astigmatism?

This condition is a common type of refractive error that involves a slight curvature of the cornea. The cornea’s curvature does not allow light to focus clearly on the retina, resulting in two blurred images instead of one sharp image. Astigmatism affects millions of people. If left untreated, it limits your capabilities throughout the day and greatly hurts your vision.


The only way to get rid of these distorted images is by wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses. Toric lenses for astigmatism treatment help you see better and more clearly. Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski OD & Associates has specialized in Astigmatism Diagnosis & Treatment in Bourbonnais, IL. We offer personalized eye care to every patient we treat.

Treatment Options

At Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski OD & Associates in Bourbonnais, Illinois, we provide custom diagnoses and treatments for people experiencing vision loss due to eye conditions. Astigmatism treatment options include eyeglasses, contact lenses, or custom wavefront LASIK surgery that corrects your vision by changing the eye’s front surface (cornea).


A proper astigmatism diagnosis is critical for ensuring the appropriate astigmatism correction needed in corrective eye surgeries, like LASIK. This specialized examination determines if you have irregular astigmatism or regular astigmatism. After this, you can schedule appropriate follow-up appointments with your eye doctor. Upon completing this astigmatism diagnosis, Doctor Nicholas Rutkowski will discuss the best treatment options for you.



Quality Eye Care Services

Our Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski OD & Associates staff is constantly striving to provide the best care for their patients. We are all highly trained professionals who work with you to determine if you have astigmatism or not. We also find the appropriate lenses to help your eyesight become more efficient. Prevent astigmatism from hurting your vision further with your reliable Bourbonnais optometrist. Get in touch with us today!