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Your Dry Eyes Aren’t Normal

Your Dry Eyes Aren’t Normal

Do you suffer from dry eyes? You’ll know right away if you do. Your eyes may itch. If you wear contacts, you might have a hard time getting them out of your eyes at night. It’s normal to think that, well, this is a completely “normal” condition! You might treat them with drops, and then go about your day, not even thinking that you might be doing something to cause your dry eye issues. As a matter of fact, you are. It’s not normal to have dry eyes. This is something that you can prevent, as long as you realize that the problem is caused by your habits.

The Most Common Cause of Dry Eyes
There’s a reason why the number of people who suffer from dry eyes has gone up quite a bit in recent years – modern technology. In the past, people spent their time at work in front of actual paperwork. They went through books, wrote on pads of paper, and even used a typewriter when taking notes or writing letters. They certainly didn’t spend the entire day in front of a computer at work, then go home and spend more time on a tablet or a smartphone. These modern-day technology habits are causing your dry eye symptoms.

Why does screen time affect your eyes? Well, your eyes are naturally moistened every time that you blink. This adds some moisture to your eyes, which lubricates them. Studies have shown that when you stare are a screen, whether it’s on your computer, your cell phone, or even your tablet, you blink much less. The less you blink, the drier your eyes become. As a result, you end up with dry, itchy, and irritated eyes.

Eye Fatigue Is a Major Problem
On top of this, you could end up with eye fatigue. Your eyes aren’t like the Energizer Bunny. They don’t keep going and going. Instead, they end up getting tired very easily, especially when you’ve been doing things like focusing on a screen all day long. The other things that you do throughout your daily life, whether they include gardening, playing sports, or even spending time with loved ones (without screen time, of course), don’t require the amount of focus that staring at a screen does. Thanks to these modern habits, your eyes are only dry, but they are also tired.

What You Can Do
Although eye drops, such as those designed to add moisture to your eyes, will help your dry eye condition, you are better off limiting your screen time. Rather than staring at a screen for hours on end, force yourself to take breaks. You’ll be much better off. One good suggestion involves taking a 20-minute break for every 40 minutes of screen time. Spend that 20 minutes with your eyes closed, staring out a window at the world, reading a book or magazine, or doing anything other than looking at a screen. Your eyes will thank you, and you’ll avoid many of the major symptoms of dry eyes and eye fatigue.

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