Understanding Astigmatism: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

When it comes to our eyesight, even the slightest visual disturbance can significantly impact our daily lives. One common condition that affects millions of people worldwide is astigmatism. This refractive error occurs when the cornea or lens of the eye is irregularly shaped, causing blurred or distorted vision. 

Understanding astigmatism’s causes, symptoms, and treatment options is crucial for maintaining optimal eye health and improving overall quality of life. In this blog, we’ll explore the ins and outs of astigmatism and delve into how you can care for your eyes if you have this condition

Astigmatism: What Is It And Am I At Risk?

Astigmatism is a visual condition that occurs when the cornea or lens of the eye is irregularly shaped, causing distorted or blurry vision. In a normal eye, light enters through the cornea and lens, forming a clear image of the retina. However, in an eye with astigmatism, the light is unevenly focused on the retina, resulting in visual disturbances.

Astigmatism can be caused by various factors, including an irregularly shaped cornea or lens curvature. Eye injuries or certain surgeries may also contribute to its development. Some people may be more at risk for astigmatism due to genetics or other factors such as chronic eye rubbing or wearing contact lenses incorrectly.

Recognizing And Treating Astigmatism

Symptoms of astigmatism include blurry or distorted vision, eye strain, headaches, and difficulty seeing at night. Treatment options for astigmatism include corrective lenses such as glasses and contact lenses and refractive surgeries like LASIK. Corrective lenses are non-invasive and offer a quick solution, but they may not be a long-term fix. 

Get The Best Astigmatism Treatment In Bourbonnais And Frankfort

Astigmatism can take a toll on your daily life, getting in the way of your tasks and burdening you with worries about your eye health. You shouldn’t struggle with your vision when you deserve reliable eye care. At Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates, we believe in delivering advanced eye care solutions to improve your life quality.


Our optometrist in Bourbonnais and Frankfort will assess your vision and diagnose you and determine which eyeglasses or contact lenses suit you better. We can also perform LASIK eye surgery to remove the need to wear glasses! Untreated astigmatism can worsen over time, but with Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski, you’ll always enjoy the best eye care services!