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Toddlers Need Eye Doctors Too!

Toddlers Need Eye Doctors Too!

How young were you when you first went for an eye exam? If you were like most people, you were in elementary school. The school probably sent professionals out to do eye tests on every student. Those who had vision problems were sent home with a note. Those are days are over. While some schools might still do these tests, toddlers as young as two years old now need to go in for an eye exam. There are many reasons for this, ranging from the availability of kid-friendly testing to official state mandates.

Kids Need to See In Order to Develop Properly
Around the age of two, most children are past the age of grabbing random objects and putting them in their mouths. They begin to explore the world with their eyes rather than their hands. As a result, eye issues can result in developmental problems. If the children aren’t able to see the world around them clearly, they might just think that the world is nothing but a blur. They won’t be able to properly learn how to process colors and letters and everything else around them. This is a major problem that can be solved with a simple eye exam.

Since children aren’t able to tell you whether or not they can see clearly (because that blurry world might be all that they’ve ever known), you’ll need to schedule an eye exam for them and have them tested.

Illinois Rules About Eye Testing
According to the state of Illinois, every child must have an eye exam before they enter kindergarten. This is done for several reasons. One, many schools don’t have those automatic eye exams anymore. They don’t have the time or the money to test each and every student with an eye chart. On top of this, kindergarten is where children learn about the letters of the alphabet and their basic numbers. If they can’t see clearly, then they won’t be able to learn properly. As you can imagine, this is an issue. If each child is tested before they enter school, then this ensures that they are on a more even playing field, as far as sight is concerned.

Kid-Friendly Testing
Even children who are non-verbal can have their eyes tested. It’s very easy to make this a kid-friendly procedure. The children don’t need to say a word – which is good if they are non-verbal. On top of this, a toddler may not be able to express whether or not they can see “number one” or “number two” any better. Instead, the process is changed slightly in order to make it simpler and much less traumatic for the child, while still ending up with the best and most accurate results. Eye exams for children are much less scary than going to the dentist.

If your child is approaching age two, then it’s time to schedule an eye exam for them. Since their development depends on having clear vision, it’s very important to get this done. Contact us at Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski and Associates today.