Risks Of Not Wearing Your Prescription Glasses

Risks Of Not Wearing Your Prescription Glasses

The number of people who need to wear prescription glasses grows each year, yet many distaste towards wearing them. If you look for them, the evidence is everywhere: not wearing your glasses can be dangerous. Here are 3 reasons to keep your prescription glasses on.

3 Reasons For Wearing Your Glasses

1) Your Capabilities Are Limited

We’re a generation of multitaskers, and a lot of what we do is on our phones. We use it constantly while walking, exercising, etc. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes we get our eyes mixed up with our fingers. When we don’t have corrections — or if our correction is less than optimal — it can lead to potentially deadly accidents.

2) Your Eyesight May Get Worse Without Glasses

The average person’s eyesight gets progressively worse with age, and most of us can expect to lose some sharpness by the time we’re 40. People who wait until after 40 before getting an eye exam often find out they need bifocals or reading glasses. 

This is due to nearsightedness (the inability to see things that are far away) usually goes hand in hand with farsightedness (the inability to see things up close). If you go without, your condition will continue to worsen even more quickly.

3) You Could Injure Yourself Without Proper Correction

As we age, our vision usually declines with it — but that doesn’t mean our bodies work the same. We need good eyesight to walk down a flight of stairs, carry packages and read road signs (to name just a few things). If your vision is only focusing on one foot in front of the other, someone’s going to suffer.

    What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

    Wearing glasses doesn’t have to be awkward. At Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates, we offer a great variety of options for eye care for people in Bourbonnais, IL. From glasses and contact lenses to eye exams and our amazing LASIK eye surgery. There’s a treatment for every Bourbonnais resident looking for eye care! 

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