Family’s Eye Wellness: Refraction Exams More Important Than Ever.

Comprehensive eye exams are essential for detecting eye health problems, especially those that may go unnoticed. A refraction exam is a great way to determine your prescription and ensure you’re wearing the right eyewear.


This blog post will discuss why eye exams should be a regular part of your family’s routine and how they can help detect any eye conditions early on.

Why Are Eye Exams Important?

Your Children.


The number of times kids spend glued to digital devices was already an issue in the pre-pandemic era, but the covid pandemic has only worsened. Online Learning has taken a significant role in this matter.


For one thing, prolonged periods of screen viewing strain the eyes, making children and adults more prone to digital eye strain, a typical sign of computer vision syndrome. People who spend 2 or more hours in a row looking at a display are more likely to get this condition.


Children who play outdoors, in the sunshine, more than 11 hours per week, had a decreased risk of developing myopia, according to a study published in the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s professional journal, Ophthalmology. Some scientists believe that exposure to sunlight and viewing distant things while playing outside might help prevent myopia development.


As a result of lengthy exposure to digital devices, children may experience:


  • Eye strain.
  • Eye fatigue.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Headaches.
  • Neck and shoulder pain.


These symptoms can be signs of a more severe eye health problem; an eye exam in Bourbonnais is the best way to determine if additional measures are needed or whether your child’s visual needs have changed.

Eye Exams in Bourbonnais for All.

Eye exams help your eye doctor detect any early or mild vision and eye health conditions that you may be experiencing. Unfortunately, many adults wait until their vision is blurry before visiting an eye doctor or eye clinic.

Even though a refraction eye exam is significantly important, many adults neglect to schedule these exams at all because it’s easier than thinking about getting their eyes checked regularly.

Eye examinations play an important part in the overall health of your vision and eye health so take advantage of them! A refraction exam in Bourbonnais is one of the services that Dr. Rutkowski gives in his eye clinic.