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Those looking for Frankfort, IL, eye care services can rely on Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates to cover their needs. We’re top-notch optometrists in Frankfort, IL, offering the best eye diagnosis and treatments. We also have eyeglasses and contact lenses in store. Discover how we may help you care for your vision today!

We’re Proud To Serve Bourbonnais

Your eyesight is one of the most important things you have. You rely on your vision to do many things, including driving, reading, and watching television. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your eyesight and visit an optometrist regularly.

If you live in Bourbonnais, IL, then you’re in luck. There is a superior optometrist located right in town. Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski is the owner and operator of Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates. He has been helping people with their vision.

Discover How We May Help You

Dr. Rutkowski and his team offer various services, all of which are designed to help you improve and maintain your vision. No matter what your needs are, they will be able to help you. In addition to their excellent services, they also offer very competitive pricing. They accept most major insurance plans and have financing options available.

LASIK Eye Surgery

One of their most popular services is LASIK eye surgery. With laser vision correction, you can eliminate all your vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Contact Lenses

If you are tired of your glasses getting in the way or being uncomfortable to wear all day long, contact lenses might be a better solution. They offer many contacts, from daily disposable contacts to toric contacts that help correct astigmatism.

Eye Exams

The best thing you can do for your vision is to get regular eye exams at an optometrist office like Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates. We can catch any issues with your eyes early on before they become major problems.

Get Quality Eye Care Services Today

If you want to experience the best eye care in Frankfort, IL, then look no further than Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates. We’re the top choice for anyone looking for an eye doctor in Frankfort, IL, with competitive pricing, friendly service, and unbeatable results. So why wait any longer? Schedule your appointment today!

At Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates, we provide a high-quality optometric service that is affordable and accessible. Whether you’re looking for glasses, contacts, or eye surgery, our highly qualified eye doctor in Bourbonnais is here to help.