Top-Notch Technology – LASIK Eye Surgery

A LASIK eye surgery can correct your vision so you can live free from glasses or contact lenses.

Top-Notch LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK can correct your vision so you can live free from glasses or contact lenses.


A Lasik eye surgery is a procedure that corrects vision so people can live without using glasses or contact lenses. IntraLase™ surgery is the process of using a laser rather than a blade to perform LASIK. IntraLase™ is an incredibly efficient method. For an experienced optometrist, and superior LASIK in Bourbonnais, IL, contact head optometrist Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates.

Ultrafast Controlled Energy

IntraLase™ is a technique our team uses at Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates to perform Lasik surgery in Bourbonnais. Rather than using a blade, we use an advanced laser device to make the corneal flap which makes the IntraLase™ method faster with less discomfort.

Precise Computerized Guidance

The IntraLase™ femtosecond laser uses a computer to create the corneal flap. This technology is extremely precise, which results in a very smooth and accurate flap creation.

Easy Recovery

The IntraLase™ surgery procedure is shorter than traditional methods. Usually, patients can expect to go home within 30 minutes of surgery and return to work almost immediately. A protective eye shield will need to be worn for several days after the surgery. Still, there are no stitches involved, so your recovery time is much faster.

No Blade, No Problem

Traditionally, Lasik eye surgery is performed using a blade to create a corneal flap. However, this method can often result in complications such as:

  • Uneven flaps
  • Incomplete flaps
  • Flap tears
  • Bleeding under the flap
  • Infection

The IntraLase™ femtosecond laser eliminates all of these risks by creating a perfectly shaped corneal flap every time. There is no blade involved, so there is no chance of uncontrolled cutting or damage to the surrounding tissues.


What To Expect During Intralase™ LASIK Surgery

The IntraLase™  LASIK surgery procedure is very quick and fairly comfortable for most people. The actual surgery only takes a few minutes, and recovery after the surgery is usually fast and easy. Here is what you can expect:

  • Corneal flap created using femtosecond laser technology
  • Very short recovery time – back to work within days rather than weeks
  • Flap does not need to be lifted – vision returns very quickly
  • No stitches, no blade involved – no risk of infection or other complications that come with traditional LASIK procedures such as an incomplete flap
  • Very fast procedure – usually under 5 minutes

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Don’t worry about the Lasik eye surgery cost, at Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski O.D & Associates we are committed to providing the best eye care treatments at affordable prices. You can expect to have perfect vision after IntraLase™ LASIK surgery. You won’t need glasses or contact lenses afterward. Stop looking for ”Lasik eye surgery near me” and do your eyesight a favor! Contact Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates to schedule an appointment with a Bourbonnais eye doctor.


Meet Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D.

Dr. Rutkowski is the founder and lead optometrist at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates, He is well known for putting his patients’ needs first and for providing top quality eye care services that include eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, dry & red eye treatment. He serves at two locations in Frankfort & Bourbonnais, IL.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best kind of LASIK?
Traditional LASIK uses a microkeratome, a small blade, to make an incision in your cornea. This incision makes a small flap that allows your LASIK surgeon to reshape your cornea and correct your vision.

The Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D., and Associates team recommends IntraLase because it’s gentler than bladed LASIK while still giving you reliably clear vision.

Am I a good candidate for LASIK vision correction?
Our team of experts perform a comprehensive LASIK screening to let you know if it’s right for you.

You must be 18 or older to have LASIK. You must also have stable vision, meaning no prescription changes, infections, or eye injuries, for 12 months or more to be eligible for LASIK.

Some eye diseases and conditions can exclude you from LASIK candidacy, including:

  • Chronic dry eyes
  • Autoimmune disorders like lupus
  • Corneal edema
  • Corneal lesions
  • Corneal implant
  • Thin corneas
  • Glaucoma
  • Keratoconus, which causes bulging corneas

If you aren’t eligible for IntraLase LASIK, you might be a good candidate for another kind of vision correction surgery. The Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D., and Associates team can make a customized surgical recommendation for you.