How To Choose the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

Wearing glasses is a practical element many people use to improve their vision. Still, it is an eye care measure, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it and show your style. There are many types of frames to complement different styles and face shapes. In this blog, we’ll go through how you can use your face shape to determine which frame suits your features the best!


Get To Know Your Face Shape

To get the most out of your eyeglasses frames, it’s important to first identify which face shape you have. If you have an oval or round face, for instance, you would benefit from frames that have sharp angles and a clear outline. 

Generally speaking, square and rectangular frames are best suited for these faces. On the other hand, if you have a heart-shaped or triangular face shape, soft lines would be better as they give off a softer appearance and balance your features.

Choose The Right Color

In addition to selecting the right frame design for your face shape, it’s also important to pick one that matches the tone of your skin complexion. For example, those with warm undertones should try using frames that have a warm shade, such as brown or copper. Meanwhile, those with cooler undertones can choose colors like silver or navy blue.

Some Fast Tricks And Tips

Once you have found the frame that best suits your face shape and complexion, you can use a few other tricks to make sure they look good when you wear them. For instance, use clear lenses to draw attention away from the frames, or use mirrored lenses if you want a more dramatic style. Additionally, adding anti-glare coatings can help reduce eye strain by minimizing reflection off screens and surfaces.

Ultimately, selecting glasses should come down to your style preference and face shape to get the perfect pair for yourself! With these tips in mind, you

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Shop Your Next Frames At Nicholas Rutkowski OD And Associates

Choosing the right glasses for your face shape and complexion is a process that requires time, patience, and knowledge of what works best. With all this in mind, visiting an experienced eye shop like Nicholas Rutkowski O.D is important. & Associates to ensure you get frames that fit properly and complement your unique features.


Our eye doctor and his team have years of experience helping people enjoy the best optometrist services. We’re ready to help you choose the right frame designs based on your facial characteristics and preferences. So if you need help selecting the perfect pair of glasses, reach out! We look forward to hearing from you soon!