Germs Can Travel Through Your Eyes: Here’s How!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made people more aware of the importance of sanitizing spaces to limit contact with germs that can be harmful to our health.

This, too, has shown us the many ways that germs can travel into our bodies. Usually, we’ve been told that you can catch germs and diseases if someone coughs or sneezes and the contagious droplets enter your nose or mouth.

Recently, science has shown that you might be able to catch germs and diseases through your eyes! But, how? Up next, we’ll explain how and why germs can travel through your eyes and into your body!

Why Are Eyes So Important

You’ve probably been told that touching your eyes, nose, and mouth is something you should avoid to dodge germs and lead a healthy life. This recommendation has become very popular after the highly contagious COVID-19 virus became a part of our daily lives.

Being alert of your surroundings and avoiding contact with germs is crucial in this new reality we’re dealing with. But why is it so crucial to protect your eyes? They have something with your nose and mouth: they’re mucus membranes.

These membranes contain cells that work like sponges that suck up particles and bring them into your lungs and other systems of your body.

What Is There to Do

Right now, you might be freaking out, thinking there’s not much you can do to avoid getting an infection but don’t worry! Your eyes are actually doing more heavy lifting than you think. Actually, they’re pretty good at defending themselves from outside agents that might put your health in jeopardy.

From your eyelashes that keep out debris and irritants when you blink to your eyelids that completely shut down the entrance to any germs! But they can’t do it all by themselves. You must try to avoid coming into contact with bacteria and germs by continuously washing your hands and, please, do not rub your eyes that often!

Treat Your Eyes Right!

When it comes to eye health, there is a lot that can be done by yourself to remain healthy. But, every now and then, a checkup with a medical professional is the best way to go. At Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. & Associates, you get top-quality eye care services.

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