Correct Your Vision With LASIK In Frankfort, IL

Correct Your Vision With LASIK In Frankfort, IL

A new year comes with new opportunities, and that includes options for your eyes and health. This year, say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses with LASIK surgical treatment. Our Frankfort eye doctor, Nicholas Rutkowski OD, is dedicated to offering the best results possible.



LASIK Eye Surgery In Frankfort, IL

Dr. Rutkowski knows how important vision is for daily activities like driving, working, going out, and reading a book without getting tired eyes from magnifying lenses. Our Nicholas Rutkowski OD & Associates team has been providing top-notch eye care in Frankfort for over ten years now… And we’re ready to help clean your vision as well!


No one wants to deal with contacts or glasses anymore, so make sure you take advantage of our offer for LASIK Surgery with Dr. Rutkowsky today! LASIK surgery has been used for the last 30 years to provide farsighted people with a way to correct their vision without using glasses or contact lenses. This is perfect for those who want to forget about eye issues and enjoy everyday life without worrying about seeing everything.

Benefits Of Getting Lasik With Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski

At Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski OD and Associates, we use the latest technology to perform a successful LASIK surgery with no delays. We use the IntraLase technique, which uses an advanced laser to create the corneal flap. The most advanced technology guarantees you’ll have a quick recovery and no side effects or pain after this anterior segment surgery.


The benefits of having LASIK surgery with Dr. Rutkowski are endless, including:

  • No longer needing glasses or contact lenses for driving, working, going out, and reading a book without tired eyes
  • Immediate results that don’t require adjustments from time to time because your vision is already corrected from day one!
  • No stitches or marks left due to the high precision of our UltraLase laser technology!

Excellent Eye Care Services

The team will help you plan the perfect date for this afternoon’s surgery with Dr. Rutkowski so you can get back to doing what you love without any hassle. Dr. Rutkowski is your reliable eye doctor in Frankfort! We offer LASIK surgery, eye care, and eye exams for Frankfort residents. Reach out to us; we’ll do our best to protect your health!