Is Bathing with Contact Lenses Safe?

Contact lenses are medical devices. They have to be manufactured, fitted and taken care of properly for them to work correctly. That’s why eye doctors prescribe the proper type based on your eye health, prescription, and lifestyle needs — including wearing contacts or glasses.


If you wear contact lenses and you ask yourself, where to get contacts in Bourbonnais? You must visit your eye doctor in Bourbonnais, IL, to get them and know the right way to take care of them and your eyes properly.

Will Water Damage My Contacts?


There are a few things to remember when you’re wearing contacts.


  • Never put them in while bathing or swimming. Contact lenses may become contaminated with eye discharge, eye secretions, bacteria, etc. The eye socket has many small hairs that can trap these substances, leading to eye irritation or eye infections.


  • Contact lenses need air circulation to prevent eye moisture from building up on the lens and causing discomfort.


  • Keratitis, a condition in which the cornea becomes inflamed, is more likely to occur in individuals who wear contact lenses. If keratitis isn’t treated promptly, vision loss may result. Bacteria that can cause these infections are present in various water sources, including the tap water you use for showering and bathing.

Eye Infection Symptoms and How to Prevent Them.


Generally speaking, eye pain and redness can be signs of eye infection. To avoid this, the wearers of contact lenses in Bourbonnais should:


  1. Always follow proper contact lens care guidelines to prevent eye infections and irritation – never wear contacts while swimming or bathing because water may get in your eye.


  1. Never sleep with your contacts because it may cause an eye infection or dry eyes.


Where to Get Contacts in Bourbonnais?


Contact lenses are the recommended eye correction device for people who have had eye surgery or are at risk for eye diseases such as diabetes or eye infections. At Dr. Rutkowski’s eye care office in Bourbonnais, IL, eye exams are their specialty. Still, they also offer contact lenses in Bourbonnais.


Dr. Rutkowski, an eye doctor in Bourbonnais, IL, sells specialized contact lenses Bourbonnais. These contact lenses’ brands come with many benefits, including high oxygen permeability-100% of the essential eye oxygen is allowed to be soaked into the eye, and extended wearing time- wearing contacts over 16 hours has been shown to protect your eyes.